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Over 20 years of combined design & printing experience

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S TeResa Thomas, owner of Blissful Art & Design LLC

S. Te'Resa Thomas, the owner of Blissful Art & Design LLC, is a talented and passionate Multidisciplinary Artist with a deep love for design, art, and photography. With expertise in various areas such as Fashion Illustration, Graphic Design, Memorial Booklets, Photo Retouching, Creative Photography, and Digital Art, she combines all her "loves" to create truly original and captivating pieces. Her art is a reflection of her bold personality, just like the vibrant red lipstick she adorns. Yet, it also possesses a delicate and ethereal quality, akin to the lightness of a feather. When she finds the perfect moment to unleash her creativity, she feels an overwhelming sense of freedom. Te'Resa considers her work not just a business, but a ministry, as she uses her talents to inspire others and creatively share the word of God. One of her most heartfelt services is creating custom-designed Obituary and Memorial Booklets, a task she undertakes with great honor and privilege. Having created the very first booklet for her own father in 2012, she understands the importance of visually telling the life stories of loved ones.

Client Testimonials

Ellie Headley, Author

"The logo turned out so perfect on my business cards! Thank you again so so much. I absolutely love it."
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