Flourishing Strength {Bloom}
Digital Illustration
Definition: Bloom a flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty. the state or period of greatest beauty, freshness, or vigor. To prosper or success

Beauty Flower: It’s your time to heal, bloom and prosper!

In John 15:1-6 MSG, Jesus is the Real Vine, and God is the Caretaker and Farmer. Living in Him offers abundant life! Spending time with God offers healing, cleansing and renewal. Sometimes, the healing process is long and hurts. But the stretching will cause growth and maturity. In reading Isaiah 61:3, God will  takeaway your heaviness and give you “beauty for ashes”. He can take your sadness away and replace it with the oil of joy and the garment of praise, my dear sisters.

Give the Father, “the dirt” that was thrown on you from “lies”, past “hurts”, “traumas”, and “pain”… God specializes in turning “shame” to “glory”, “sadness” to “joy”, “unworthy” to “worthy” and whatever else you may need! Open up and receive the covering warmth from His Son! Be “showered” in His presence, cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit, have Him “prune” you and soon you will see seeds of your harvest, blooming right before your eyes!  

Sis, I’m so excited to see you are growing stronger and shining bright like the beautiful diamond you are… I see victory allll over you! You are more than a conquer!!


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