Spring's Dreams {Water Detox Recipe}!

Updated: Apr 22

Spring's Dreams is an unique recipe filled with crisp green apples & a bright splash of lemon which results into a playground of tart / sweet flavors in your mouth.

My review & thoughts: created originally by @daodrops Instagram

Light flickers of the sunshine, gentle soothing rain, fresh flowers and birds chirping are some of the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of Spring. With our "new normal" in place, due to Covid-19, creativity is needed when maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle... Social media is a great resource, that has unlimited options. After, I did some African Caribbean Dance moves , I grab spare coffee grounds to make a scrub. Online learning has started for my "cherubs" and my day is in full swing. I take time to browse through Instagram and was inspired by @daodrops with an adjustment or two for "Spring Dreams". When I saw the post and the main ingredients, I immediately knew that I had to add this to my favorite "infused blends". Personally, I always add extra mint, to help with anxiety . Hey, sometimes "plain water" is just "boring" and unappealing to me lbvvs #plsdontjudgeme

I slide open the curtains and twist the blinds to release the sun's heat in my home office. As I relax for a second, I take a sip and received a hint of savory spice on my tongue from the mint. I am so relaxed at this moment, and thank God for His blessings. Later, I opened up "Green Orchid" and marveled at it's beauty, before placing it in the "For Sale" folder on my laptop.

Let's Rewind: Before, I started cleaning the fruits and vegetables, I apply baking soda to remove dirt and residue. I usually buy an extra apple, so that I can have a snack, during "mommy time" while I'm chopping everything up. In reflection, I prefer to remove the skin off, because as time goes on it creates a bitter after-taste to me. I know that there are nutrients in the skin, I'm getting better...

Grocery list { Spring's Dreams Recipe}

1 A gallon of Spring Water

1 whole lemon

1 whole cucumber

1 Granny Smith green apple

12-15 mint leaves

I place it all in a glass container and let it marry together for 4 to 6 hours and enjoy it! I recycle the plastic, as an art project with the kiddos because I feel like the fruits & veggies need a larger container to "breathe". Chilled to perfection! Cheers to a healthy YOU!!!

Sidenote: Make sure that you take time to see the wonderful benefits that God has placed in herbs, vegetables and fruits. Also, I use infused water to add flavor and to cut down on drinking so many sugary drink, while trying to get in the recommended serving of water per day.

**Please consult your health professional before doing any detoxing. I have No affiliation with @daodrops ! These thoughts and opinions are my own. I'm just a fabulous creative sharing a tasty sip.**

Much Love,

Te'Resa aka the Designing Diva

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